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Gary Daverne
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2003 Reviews

Bursa State Symphony Orchestra,
Bursa Concert Hall,
Conductor Gary Daverne
Tumpetist Erden Bilgen.
May 16, 2003

The world premier of the Rhapsody titled "Gelybolu" (Gallipoli) composed by New Zealand composer and orchestra conductor, Gary Daverne, for trumpet and orchestra, reflected the composer’s Anzac feelings.

This piece was interpreted by the Turkish tumpetist Erden Bilgen.

It is a piece of sensitive feelings, bringing the orchestra and the trumpet in perfect harmony, enriched with melodies reminding us of John William's film music.

The insertion of the folk song, Canakkale somewhere in the piece, did not harm its general harmony and gives to the Rhapsody, another charm for the audience.

When we analyze the piece as a whole, we observe the meeting of the main theme with the rest, repetition of particular sounds giving it an aspect of a special piece.

The concert went on with the mastering performance of Erden Bilgen, the great performance of our orchestra as usual and completed by the “Ouverture of the Light Cavalery” of Suppé, “A Night on a Bare Mountain” of Mussorgsky , “Polovetch Dances” of Borodin, exerpts from the musical piece of A. L. Weber named " The Ghost of the Opera" and the “Lord of the Dance” of R. Hardyman.

"During the last 25 years I gave several concerts as soloist in different regions of New Zealand, and Australia. I will always remember the extraordinary attention and warm welcome expressed by the audiences of these countries when they learned that I was coming from Turkey.

Mr. Gary Daverne, conductor and composer, whom I met in New Zealand, said to me that he was planning to compose a new piece for trumpet solo and orchestra and wanted to make its world premier with my participation. It was three years ago, in 2000, that he came to Istanbul and there we discussed the contents of the piece. I asked him to title this piece as "Gelibolu" in the memory of the war took place between Turkey and New Zealand. He accepted my proposal with pleasure and also inserted an arrangement of our folk song "Canakkale" to the main piece.

In the first movement of the piece, there are the preparations of both parties for war, the joy and enthusiasm of soldiers are reflected. As a whole this piece symbolizes mutual good relations of the two countries which are in friendly relations in our day instead of the negative aspects of a war.
The message given by Atatürk after the war containing humanism and friendship is still commemorated by the ANZACs with a great importance every year."
(End of quotation by Erden Bilgen)

Mrs. Yelda Nihan özmutlu
Art Critic

Gary Daverne on World Premiere in Turkey

On May 16, 2003 Auckland conductor Gary Daverne and the Bursa State Symphony Orchestra performed an exceptional concert in Bursa Concert Hall in Turkey.

Gary Daverne had chosen a colourful programme from classical to film music. The young and highly motivated musicians of the Bursa State Symphony Orchestra and their experienced 'Maestro' from down under gave an outstanding performance.

Highlight of the concert was the World Premiere of Daverne's latest composition 'Gallipoli' for orchestra and solo trumpet.

The idea of writing this solo work for trumpet began when Turkey's renouned trumpeter, Erden Bilgen met the composer in Auckland. It became formalized with the composer's visit to Gallipoli 3 years ago and a subsequent meeting between the two in Istanbul.

The music portrays the emotions of the young ANZAC and Turkish troops summoned to war on Turkish ground and expresses a strong desire for peace. The Rhapsody, with an opening trumpet fanfare, traditional Turkish folk themes, its swinging rhythm and an impressionable solo cadenza, was much appreciated by the audience.

Pokarekare Ana, the Maori love song, was given as an encore.

Standing ovations, happy musicians and an enthusiastic audience concluded this unique evening.

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